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Office Hours

Tuesday - Friday -- 11am - 4pm (Freddy)

Saturday 11am -- 4pm (Nickie)

Client Help Hours

By appointment up to 9pm

Creative Hours

7ish pm - 11ish pm + We will be working when we are not sleeping and you are... zzzz

Nickie Hennevelt - Web Designer - Artist

Nickie has been creating websites for her own businesses for 
the past 9 years and is now branching out to complete website for others. Nickie is motivated to listening to clients and giving them what they want. She will design a wonderful website with features that you can maintain yourself or her and the team will maintain it for you.

nhdesign4u specializes in website for Artist and Art Galleries but is not limited to just that. Contact us and feel free to ask and we will try to help you and your business.

Nickie feels that in the challenging market of Art that the cost of a website doesn't have to be a huge burden in a market that visuals are most important to everything that an Artist need to be successful.
Let Nickie enlighten you life and business in a new light of design with an artistic flare as she is an artist herself.


nhdesign4u is owned and operated by the Hennevelts Nickie & Freddy and is located in their home office.

3611 Eastview Ave.

West Palm Beach, FL 33407 


phone # 561-506-4108

Nickie and Freddy Hennevelt have owned and operated their local Art Gallery, Hennevelt's Gallery & Gifts in Northwood Village for the more than 4 years. The Hennevelts are the founders of the Historic Northwood Village ArtX / Art Walk a collaboration of the Galleries in Northwood Village and also co-founders of the new art movement Art Synergy.

Keeping a simple clean cut image is the way to go in today's online presence. nhdesign4u will help you achieve an

ABC - 123 approach to capturing the audience that you are seeking for you business. Please click Services (above) for more information and to sign up for your Designer Website today!

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Do you need a website or help with your online presence?

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