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Nickie Hennevelt: Artist

BIO: Nickie Hennevelt, a 6th generation native Floridian has been creating art since she was very young with her first art sale at the age of 9 years old. Graduating from Clewiston High School, where she took nearly every art class (2-D and 3-D) available, she decided that she was going to have a career in the arts. Nickie studied art and design at Palm Beach State College. 

After working for a local nonprofit for nearly 8 years as the Dir. of Administration and Finance Nickie is now completely self-employed and pursuing her dream as an artist, educator and activist for the arts and living life to the fullest.

Nickie is the Co-founder of Hennevelt's Gallery and Gifts with her husband Freddy, and she is the Founder of Tiny Doors West Palm Beach. She is a content creator and speaks at events. Nickie also organizes and coordinates local art events and community projects.

Nickie enjoys volunteering her time in the community and is on the Board of Directors of the No More Starving Artist Foundation where she serves as Secretary of this amazing 501(c)3. No More Starving Artist Foundation’s mission is to help primarily Palm Beach County artists to be sustainable, personally and professionally, by providing opportunities and services. For more details visit the website and consider making a donation in honor of Nickie and her efforts.

Nickie is the event coordinator for Northwood Village Art, Dine and Design Event (held on the last Friday of each month) for the City of West Palm Beach. As the founder and creative director of Tiny Doors West Palm Beach she hosts Tiny Mobile Art Studio events and has a fun Tiny Doors Subscription Box with subscribers across the United States. Nickie has a blog and Youtube channel called NikPikz where she posts about her love of gardening, art, creative lifestyle, and travel. Walt Disney World is where you will find Nickie at least once a month! She is a big fan and can be found online at, on youtube and social media where she shares Disney travel tips and fun at the parks. You can check “DisNickie” out at the Mandel Public Library quarterly in a Disney Planning and News Lecture series in 2023.

Nickie is one of the founding members of Art Synergy, Inc. She is a co-coordinator of the South Florida Zombie Walk that began in 2021.

 Nickie teaches art in many mediums at the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach in Studio 411. All art classes are Free to the public. Nickie teaches adults, teens and children at the Library from painting, sculpting to mixed media classes.

 Nickie keeps pretty busy but loves to help others in different ways. Making It Happen is her motto and way of life!!

 Nickie is married to Freddy Hennevelt who also is a full time artist. Nickie has a daughter 24 and a son 23 and two step daughters ages 28 and 25.

If you have any questions or would be interested in helping in Nickie's ventures please give her a call 561-215-1634. Please text a message if she is unable to answer the phone.

2020 Nominated for Nonprofit MVP of the year with Nonprofits First Hats Off award.

2019 Nominated for Nonprofit Professional of the year with Nonprofits First Hats Off award.

Art exhibits and art shows:

May 2019 - June 2019 7th annual Nerdcore art show. Slushbox Gallery: West Palm Beach, FL 

March 2018 - duo art show “Monsters and Fairies” at Harold’s Coffee Lounge: West Palm Beach, FL 

2011 to 2017- As co-owner of Hennevelt’s Art Gallery I have exhibited and sold my work at our gallery continuously during that period: West Palm Beach, FL 

May 2016 - duo art show “May the Froth be with You” at Harold’s Coffee Lounge: West Palm Beach, FL 

March 2016 – “Northwood Village Fine Art” show at the Marjorie S. Fisher Gallery at the Center for Creative Education: West Palm Beach, FL 

March 2016 - Macy’s Palm Beach Gardens: in connection with Marjorie S. Fisher Gallery at the Center for Creative Education: Palm Beach Gardens, FL 

March 2016 - TINYworks at ActivistArtistA Gallery: Boynton Beach, FL